New Trends


Don’t worry

it will go away

it always does

like a silly old dress

that won’t be chucked out

you hold it…think about it

then “nah” back it goes into the wardrobe


where it lays in a crumpled mess

for another six months or maybe a year

or longer…fashion is fickle

cliques have long since formed

around that notion


it’ll resurface of course

deriding you for not wearing it




“ha…see what happens when you shut me out

cast me into the depths of silence

between the satins and cool cottons

that go…oh so well with jeans

now I no longer fit.”


of course you can’t chuck it

what if it fits someone else, and like…

it may, one day, come back into fashion

perhaps by then

despite the ripped seam and frayed edges

you’ll fit each other




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8 thoughts on “New Trends

  1. ha…i like the dress metaphor…every woman can identify with this….and oh yes..some things just don’t seem to fit into our life…maybe one day..? dunno…things can change in the most unexpected ways..

  2. Nice…I like the dress metaphor…and on another note ..I love to give away clothes that I am not wearing to someone who can . I feel so much lighter afterwards. 🙂

  3. smiles…sometimes letting go is hard…luckily i dont have that problem with clothing…smiles….i think too we like to hop that one day again it will fit…so we put it back int he closet for later….

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