About 400 Years Ago in a Castle Faraway…

Last night I was reading about the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Apparently in some articles there is a question as to whether or not she did in fact commit the atrocities that she has been accused of all these years. Indeed there is some speculation that she herself was a victim. Anyway as I was reading some of the language used to describe her sounded familiar…


A countess

A witch

A cat

A vampire

It’s said at night she would turn into a cat

to haunt her victims

She bathed in the blood of virgins

She was mad, insane, not right in the head

Aggressive even

She owned many lands

Spoke four languages

Was educated

It is said, she wasn’t afraid of powerful men

Men who would have all that she owned

Did they get her the only way they knew how?

That was the year 1610

What of now?

She’s a witch

She’s a cat

She’s an assassin

She’s aggressive even

She’s our PM



7 thoughts on “About 400 Years Ago in a Castle Faraway…

  1. oh my….when women play in the world of men it gets dicey, they feel threatened…they try to discredit and take them down…well i dont know it is just women these days…maybe anyone that is not a rich white man….interesting corollary…

  2. I am not familiar with either the historical or present day characters; but isn’t it interesting sometime the words the words that are used to describe women? I wonder what words, for example, would be used to described your PM (who I know nothing about) if she were male.

  3. i’m not familiar with her story but now def. want to check it out…and think until today men are a bit afraid if a woman gets too mighty in their eyes and…

  4. I went on to Wiki to get the scoop on Julia. A mixed bag of info, to be sure. Sad to see that she doesn’t get the concept that gay folks pay taxes the same as straight folks, and as such, should be able to marry.

    She is a woman in a man’s game, and for that, I give her credit. She sure called it right on George W, Bush, whom she did not trust… but yes, I can see where the above monikers could apply. Assassin? Not sure, but you live there and I don’t, so I’ll leave that one to you! My opinions on American politics are so outrageous as to be almost treason, according to my dear sister… ha ha… Thanks, Cat. Amy

    • Yeah i don’t agree with all she stands for…that being one of them, refugees another… but when you consider the other guy… he’s scary…

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