The Red Rose

A red rose holds back her grey hair

pulling back years from her face

throwing them into the past

she’d held them in her hands back then

tossed them around

seeking trails through life


she’d loved the man by her side

when rain thrashed the windows

to the tune of old wars

long fought, won and grieved


the nappy filled hills hoist bloomed in the backyard

as did his rose garden out the front

when she sat on the porch

her legs crossed at the ankles

sipping tea

listening to his dreams for the future

dropping hers, fuelling his and creating the children’s


now time hangs like her teardrop earring

ready to fall

into the next phase

she has no desire to plan or play charades

she has a rose in her hair, a smile in her eyes

her beauty shines

her life simple

and there are things they don’t know

she touches her teardrop

and smiles



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10 thoughts on “The Red Rose

  1. What a spectacularly beautiful poem. It is lit with her smile and her peaceful serenity. I love the teardrop earring, the smile in her eyes and, especially, “her beauty shines”. Indeed it does. Just a lovely read. Made my morning.

  2. very moving…it feel like someone late in life, appreciating what has come…a little rememberance before moving on…and all the things they dont know…i like that line…it leaves a bit of mystery and the rose…smiles.

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