Dance with Me








Mangrove Morning by Dianne Turner

Ink and Pastel


Dappled morning touches me with spring

Reverberating through every limb

I feel alive lost in birdsong

Dancing to them with the swift breeze

Caressing me with the freshness of dawn

Bathed in the colours of a new dress

As each new bud unfurls


Do see me here amidst the forest


In this place where I have witnessed centuries

Come and go

Canoed scarred yet still beautiful


Let me dance another hundred years

To the music of the earth

You’ll hear it if you listen

Touch it if you feel

Admire it if you see

And you’ll realise how much we need each other

Come on dance with me

And together we’ll see another dawn



linked  to imaginary garden with real toads


15 thoughts on “Dance with Me

  1. Just gorgeous…dancing I can see the graceful limb stretching and growing through time…so enchanting paired with your artwork.

    I explored a little…I just LOVE your jewelry!!

    So nice to meet you!! Thank you for joining transforming Friday!!

  2. Abandon… nature… dance. This poem is sparkling water from a brook, alive and singing. So I guess you can figure that I loved it. A whole lot!! You should google Thoth, a street performer in NYC.

    Diane, one of your best. Loved “Do see me here,” lovely invitation. Amy

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