Puddles After a Storm


Photo Lilies Autumn Wardrobe by Mobius Faith



means fragile but not weak

my strength is tested

on a migraine of a night

that snarled, growled and opened its wound

its pain seared with pale blue, white light

selecting pressure points

to stab and burn


the disc spun around and around

with that noise

repeating itself

a dull echo scratching

on darkness


But with you Iittle one

we float

just above hell

yellow light searing our hearts

with only a petal left

of our existence

I dip into a smile



For Poetics– photography by Terry S. Amstutz


17 thoughts on “Puddles After a Storm

  1. great opening line…i like your definition of delicate….a migraine of a night…err…does not sound too fun…can head the record spin….but love the ending….the willingness to dip in even when there is only one smile left…

    • We had a particularly nasty storm that lasted all night and well into this morning and with the summer storm season comes headaches for me… so I just drew the two together…as the night seemed to be in quite some pain last night… and I have had a migraine with the wavy lines but thankfully I do not suffer them all the time like some people do. 🙂

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