Frangipani Sandcastles

She’s building frangipani sandcastles

her delightful laugh cascades upon morning

drips over the waves like the sparkling sunlight

and all I want to do is burrow

into the fragile towers

spy through waver thin petals

to watch the waves secretly slip closer

to my door

threatening to wash my paradise away


If only I could wrap myself up in her fairytale

For a moment wear her smile

that doesn’t quite know all but knows so much more

that I seem to have forgotten

like dancing on the beach or hearing the oceans story in a shell

building frangipani sandcastles


she takes her mother’s hand

leaves the beach

giggling as she goes

barefoot I squish my toes into her sand

pick a frangipani from the steeple

her laughter has faded

but resonates in a treasure found

a smile

that’s all my own


11 thoughts on “Frangipani Sandcastles

  1. big smiles…love the moment you captured…i love kids…they make you feel so alive as you watch their imagination….looked up frangipani….cool on the flowers….if only those sadcastles would last you know…smiles.

  2. If only I could wrap myself up in her fairytale… i think you did not only manage to wrap yourself up in her fairytale but us as well..smiles…we should never stop building sandcastles…so much magic in this..

  3. I had to look up “frangipani” — curious why you chose that flower to describe her sandcastle. [let me know by e-mail if you wish]. Fun image of realizing that another’s world has a freedom worth envying.

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