Missing Mardeck


The red land bled

a fine dust that topped the dry crust

that softly broke under your hoof fall

as we weaved

through the maze of brittle bush

arthritic twigs that reached out

to puncture and scratch our skin

the scent of leather, horse sweat and bush blossom

permeated the air

on which my secrets swirled

you would snort

whether your understood or not

together we fought fears, bad days and lost loves

and when the baby slept

I’d come visit you with my morning coffee

you’d greet me with a muzzled kiss

I still feel the soft velvet touch on my skin

your warm breath

I miss our morning talks

that went no further

than the paddock gate


11 thoughts on “Missing Mardeck

  1. smiles…i often go down and watch the horse in the field or working out at the farm down the road…they are beautiful to watch…having on you rode often, i imagine is quite the connection…the morning talks made me smile.

  2. Beautiful..that lovely scent of leather ,horse and bush blossom comes wafting back.
    Morning talks and the paddock gate.I need to get back to the bush…8 weeks in the city and I’m climbing the walls. Loved your poem

  3. This is so very touching! I loved the connection with the horse…and especially that the talks went ‘no further than the paddock gate.’ Animals DO understand, don’t they?

  4. lovely capture of a missed time and place. The connection between you and the horse is palpable….and those conversations…so important to have and hold onto. stu mcp

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