Brisbane Heatwave

Weeds embellish the side of the rail bridge

strands wilting over red brick

bleeding into the road beneath

where yawning cars wait in line


nearby the river laps the edges

winding a necklace embrace

of promised relief

for this flustered peak hour city


the city dips its toes in the cool water

with an ah… almost audible to those who

cannot speak in cars mustered against

the invisible fence of red light heat


on the top of an apartment building

an oasis glows in Christmas light

surreal palm trees beckoning with the breeze

that blows across the top

of a summer cocoon


wisteria drops the last of its weary blooms

the flame tree pales to pink

under the evening sky


life is one long sigh

waiting for the lights to turn green


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17 thoughts on “Brisbane Heatwave

  1. def love the imagery in this…and i think we are all waiting on something…or maybe even some direction, or even permission to move on and get where we are going…so your closure really brought it home well for me…smiles.

  2. Oh, I wouldn’t mind just half of your heat…lol ..but too much and I’d melt. I’m most comfortable at about 75 …76f Any more than that, it drains my energy. Hate the cold we have here too though. No keeping us happy.
    Loved the visuals in this. I can feel your hint of impatience creeping in and your itch for the lights to change.

  3. We have dropped to 79 degrees tonight. It was and 85 degree high and we’re across the world from you. The poem was palpitating and powerful. I know that heat, I know that traffic, I know that lazy necklace on the water, and oh yes, I feel that heat. Excellent work!

  4. DIanne, thanks for commenting at my site and sharing your… thoughts, you know.

    I love this poem. The final thought, that life is one long sigh… the way one scene moves into the next. Then there is the whole city mouse/country mouse of it all. Yes, this is the kind of poem that lifts the corners of my reluctant smile on grey days. Thanks again for stopping by. Peace, Amy

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