The Door

I decided not to think on the door

how it waits at the end of the hall

not saying anything

just a rectangular block

that opens to somewhere else


Its oblong eyes look sad

the doorknob slightly off kilter

on windy nights it rattles

and when the moon is full

a slither of luminous light

slips through the key hole

and falls upon the dusty floorboards


I hear it weep sometimes

a strange distant whimpering

I tiptoe slowly and dare not touch

in case it should accidently slip open

but the whimpering stops as I approach

as if waiting expectantly for the knob to turn

but I don’t dare touch it

I know better

I like it here

I don’t care

what lies beyond its sorrowful facade


I’ve crossed over many thresholds of chance

creaked open the hidden secrets… bit by bit

until the full picture was revealed

I’m not interested in a new scene

I’ll stay here

and if it weeps… so be it

although mostly it’s just silent


It seems I’ve been here watching it forever

wondering at its purpose

I hear talk in a distant room

muffled voices

but they’re not beyond the door

they drift on the air like remembrances

utterances of a time that once was

not so long ago but still faraway


It almost feels that if I should speak

I would be heard

perhaps they know the door and the secret beyond

but as I said I won’t think on that anymore


every door

seems to open



21 thoughts on “The Door

  1. ” I know better
    I like it here
    I don’t care
    what lies beyond its sorrowful facade ”

    I think that some doors are better off not opening. I think we all learn to trust the feeling we get in our gut! An interesting write.

  2. wow…really intriguing write…the door there waiting…i am like a cat, it would be hard not to go and open it….the door talking to you on occassion as well….ha…great touch that….it does take discernment on which to open…because once some are open they just wont close again…smiles.

  3. strong ending. Really an excellent piece right through. Each stanza’s opening line is very good and draws you time and again into the rest. It almost feels as if I would speak I would be heard- I love that line

  4. Some are just too darn hard to close back up if you don’t like what’s on the other side. Since I was little, I’ve feared doors after dark…especially when moonlight filters thru the keyhole…love the mood and tone!

  5. Oh, I am so curious, I’d have to know what’s on the other side, good or bad, I’d take whatever it is, I would just have to know!
    Great tension you created all through this. A little bit like a horror movie, you know something not nice is about to happen, but, you’re still never quite ready when it does. Great atmosphere.

  6. ..hearing the door weeping is really haunting & i never wanted to look what’s next behind… in reading this, i looked at it in two views… one being in a scary, thrilling situation and the other having this excitement and curiosity of knowing the next scene/s that will open in my front… great and thoroughly enjoyed it.. smiles…

  7. I’ll never look at a door in quite the same way again. Of course, doors can – and sometimes do – open onto wonderful new opportunities. The question is, is it worth the risk?

  8. It’s like that road not taken is tantalizing you–which is not the same as a leading. What a horror movie it seems as a representation but what strength and joy to know you lead your life rather than letting someone or something else do it. Compelling piece of art!

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