A rainbow loomed half mast

in the evening sky

candy cane curves

on a cascade of fluffy pink clouds

an entrance to another land

opening above my supermarket

I imagined elves peeking around the corners

of clouds

beckoning me into to this Oz- Wonka land

hovering within my reach

I’d skip along that yellow brick road with my red shoes on

dangle my feet in a stream of lemonade

listen to butterflies sing

while I galloped across daisy fields

on my horse of a different colour

and there may well be no place like home

but oh to sleep on those fluffy pink clouds

and rest into a sky filled with dreams

and then DING!!! “Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

the doors open

and I enter

a tinsel town nightmare

filled with the sighs of Christmas


8 thoughts on “Ding!!

  1. magical ….love the dangling of feet in a lemonade stream…ha what a wicked turn though there in the end when the elevator door opens….smiles….the sighs of christmas…what a packed phrase that…smiles.

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