She remembers linoleum floors,

persisting block patterns

Fred Flintstone footprints crossing the kitchen

a coffee stain in the painting on the wall

and not remembering the artist


has haunted her

all these years…


and how they came to be


pots flying…

skidding across the SOS

a needle stuck in the groove

of scratched vinyl

Can you hear me

Can you hear me

Can you hear me


Yeah… she heard

but didn’t understand the finer details

of coffee stains

and the bitter bite it leaves


as she kept spinning on orange vinyl chairs

trying to follow Fred Flintstone footprints

that only ever led to the corner of the room


For dversepoets poetics Finer details


16 thoughts on “S.O.S

  1. inrtiguing…can read this a couple ways…interesting it is the stain that consumes her or sticks with her…yet she does not understand their signifigance…the flying pans and SIS, can you hear me made me wonder at first of ghosts that haunted her, but then saw the tag of relationships as well which put another spin on it…nice write…smiles.

  2. Oh this is somehow very sad, haunting in a way. She seems to be crying out to be ‘seen’ As if she is a child in a home of anger… Maybe wrong there but… it’s very image filled and therefore moving whatever it is.

  3. oh heck..that was awesome…the stains, the bitter taste, and then the Fred Flintstone footprints leading just to the corner of the room…ugh..felt…really well done

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