Crawling Memories

With his mate he watches the sea

A voice within whispers a plea

What light there is begins to dim

Memories crawl up beside him


They pin him to a darkened floor

He wears the tears the scars of war

But smiles upon the day that’s grim

Memories crawl up beside him


Night brings never a chance to dream

A silent all consuming scream

In nightmares he is forced to swim

Memories crawl up beside him


When she smiles from within the frame

Inside his heart he feels the flame

Although he thought the chances slim

Memories crawl up beside him


For Dversepoets form for all Kyrielle


14 thoughts on “Crawling Memories

  1. i am glad of the positive turn in the end of this….of her smile…and the building warmth inside him….the refrain line is nice, the crawling memories has an edge to it…nice bit of story telling in this as well…you did well with the form…

  2. Yes, I am imagining the is a poem about a story know of us know or will know. It is like the poem was lifted from a novel.
    I envision a mutiny on a ship with the captain held down.

  3. Just wonderfully accomplished in the kyrielle forml. I enjoyed the change to positive memories at the end, but somehow I still don’t envision a happy ending for this person.

  4. Thank goodness for the relief at the end. I think of so many people struggling with the effects of all kinds of traumas – “the memories crawl up beside him [or her].”

  5. This sounded like a soldier’s song to me. Memories of home, and memories of battle and I, too, like that there is the thought of love and warmth in the end. Beautiful kyrielle. I’m wishing you the happiest of holidays and a bright new year. Thank you!

    • Thank you Gay and wishing you all the best of Christmas and New Year too! Glad you liked the kyrielle, it was based on an old soldier, I knew when I was younger…he didn’t tell a lot of stories but I know he held on to a lot of pain.

  6. At first I thought the poem was about an old man and his cat–then the second stanza hit and I was scared this was going to be a sad poem. Thanks for turning it around, and quite beautifully 🙂

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