I almost made it

I was on the second step

a little way down the hall

seconds past the open front door

that stood between me and the bedroom

escape was impossible

hands full with an empty breakfast plate

hard footsteps, important… (I could tell)

sounded on the path

Dogs barked… an official knock


with nowhere to go

no run without being seen

my ever helpful morning hair do

pointed out many directions

but none that would hide

the sweet dreams nightie

flimsy light weight cotton hanging off my shoulders

or allow them not to notice the tomato sauce lout

hanging on the corner of my mouth

With no way out I…

go to the door… damn

I timidly smile

“Hello Officer.”




For dverse meeting the bar   Anna has some writing experiments for us to try. I chose this one:

* Make notes on what happens or occurs to you for a limited amount of time,
then make something of it in writing. This happened to me this morning, a few minutes of time 
and no the police officer wasn't coming for me.
Completely innocent ;) ... maybe slightly embarrassed is all.

15 thoughts on “Caught

  1. ha…oh my…lol…caught in a rather compromising position…at least they did not mistake the tomato sauce for blood, coulda turned out a lot worse…nice tension in this as well…was wondering what you had gotten yourself into…ha…fun

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