Swimming With the Sharks








“Argh” Painting by Dianne Turner




JAWS!! See it before you go swimming…

So says the movie trailer…we didn’t

On holidays in Adelaide, mum refused to let us see it

Despite our pleadings…

“you’ll never go back in the water if we do.”

Good call mum!


And so our beach holiday went on…blissfully swimming in the waves

As has many a holiday after that…

Still do but admit I do like a clear water beach… you know… just in case

I’ll gingerly wade into the waters with my hubby laughing… “you afraid of those Noah’s?”

Yeah… I know who I am sharing the ocean with…


So when someone asked me, “are there sharks in this canal?”

I can’t help but look at them dumbfounded… “well…err this canal runs into the passage, the passage opens up to the ocean…you do the math.”


Yet headline… Is It Safe To Go Back Into The Water?

sensationalised, to get us to read…

but the truth is…

you’re more likely to have a car accident on the way to the beach

than get taken by a shark…

more people drown in the ocean each year…than get taken by sharks

Millions of us take to the water every year, unknowingly swimming with sharks

More likely than not, they have better things to do than eat one of us

Probably preferring snapper to human


We can’t control everything

Although terrifying, sharks are wonderful creatures of the ocean

So each year I swim in the ocean…very much aware of the many dangers

lurking beneath those waves… life goes on as usual.


The shark has his right to exist as do we… call it a truce

And if you really can’t abide sharing the ocean with sharks… as one fellow said years ago in an interview…

“he don’t drink in my pub and I don’t swim in his water.”


For dversepoets Poetics…Peace within/without  Maybe not so poetic but read an article in the paper today about sharks and aerial patrols of beaches.  I love sharks even though they scare the hell out of me, still I respect their place in nature…so I went with making peace with the wild. (A Noah is rhyming Aussie slang… noah’s ark= shark)


17 thoughts on “Swimming With the Sharks

  1. we cant control everything…that is the key line in this…once i was swimming at ft desoto beach…my wife and at the time my 6 mo old son…bout 40 yards out cause it was still shallow and you could dive…bringing up all kinds of life to show my son…2 fins started at us…oh my…figured we were dead but it was dolphins…smiles…

  2. So very true. The shark has as much right to exist as we do; and hopefully both we and they will be able to co-exist. And we can’t live always in fear of what could be. I also think that the shark could symbolize other threats in our lives. Maybe people. Maybe other dangers. We have to accept this is the way it is and do our best to watch our path….but we can’t stop living out of fear.

  3. Making peace with our fears and our very real foes so to speak. A healthy respect for the sharks but peace with our fears is needed to live life to the full. Not something here in the UK we need worry about really is swimming with sharks that eat us, thank goodness 🙂

  4. …Ha, the photo scares…hihi… animals like sharks do care for peace but more in an animal instinct or way…and having humans within their shelter signals danger to ’em.. All the same way we feel to ’em… nice how you see peace at this angle and form…it’s like gaining an understanding on both levels of creating a peaceful environment…smiles…

  5. Nature is a force we try to ignore, and yet it always shows us the truth. But we must make our peace with it, coexist with it at least. Interesting take on this prompt!

  6. haha…maybe we should invite some sharks into the pub and deal with them to not eat us when we swim in their ocean then…smiles.. so true..we can’t control everything…life is dangerous in itself and it’s good to let go of fear…loved this

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