Up To


Lucky to get

up to

five hours sleep

up to

my neck in spooks of all sorts

who were

up to

terrifying pranks I could not escape

holding me down, I was paralysed

it was

up to

my husband to wake me, save me

as  I struggled to call his name

so about all I’m

up to

today is trying to find my equilibrium

through shopping

with after Christmas sales flourishing

I thought I was

up to



until I ventured

up to

the checkout…

to find sale prices not

up to


“the sign said 40% off…you’ve only given 20%”

“Oh well…you see in the catalogue it says…up to

40%…so you…”

“Hang on…up to was not on the sign.”

“Oh I think you’ll find it is…you see in the catalogue it says…up to”

“I wasn’t reading the catalogue…I was reading the sign and the sign had no up to…”

“but …up to…”

“Yes, but it’s up to your staff, your store to make sure that your signage is clear. It’s not up to me…and there was no up to on your sign… it said 40% off… so…under consumer law… without the up to means…”

“well I’m sorry but it’s not up to me to give you any further discount because the catalogue says…”



I was

up to

my limit

Couldn’t take anymore…

Usually I’d just buy the stuff, not quibble

But today I wasnot

up to


I was

up to


up to

the big guys


up to


misleading customers with up to, down to, from…

so out of principle I returned the items



up to

the max… left

and feel

up to

40% better


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8 thoughts on “Up To

  1. ha. glad you feel a bit bette…dang…someone doesnt know the first thing about customer service do they…misleading sucks….would not be returning there….and ugh on the nightmares too…def glad you are better…

  2. I understand exactly what you mean. But good for you for not accepting it, not just taking it, and then making your stand and returning the items! I admire your stance and your poem~!

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