Bushfire Planet

Bushfire Sky




Bushfire Sky taken from front porch.



Warm winds

Swirling in gusty pockets

filled with acrid remnants of the bush

burning across the water


they menace and tease

dropping momentary lulls

into conversation

then whip up a bite

fanning flames already raging


toward homes

weakening at the knees

floundering in a watery haze of helplessness


flames swallow the cicada song

giving the sun a bloody red stage

to hang the day upon


whispering promises of reprise

not lost on weary fire-fighters

who know the power of hot, dry spells,

casting black magic

on the wind


arriving on the doorstep

of morning

beneath a smoke haze cover

an eerie orange glow

captures the thirsty landscape


ash falls

silently like snowflakes

pieces of the living world

delicately disintegrating

where dry leaves twist into hot sands


and somewhere from within the bush

a lone bird calls a drawn out…

“Ass – hole “

to whoever is in charge


10 thoughts on “Bushfire Planet

  1. Intense bush fires destroying the country captured well here. Wonderful images throughout “flames swallow the cicada song giving the sun a bloody red stage” and “where dry leaves twist into hot sands”. Brilliant poem 🙂

  2. You have really described the essence of the bush fire. It must be eerie and frightening (and stifling) to be that close. The bird has the right idea!

  3. haha…great closure…a comic relief in a rather harsh reality of fire as it ravages…its scary stuff you know…but natural as well…burning away and creating new life…it was going on well before we got here…

  4. Oh, yes – this is so evocative! I’ve lived in California in areas that have been threatened by wildfires at times, and the ash really does fall like snow! Such an eerie, and anxious, thing to experience. You capture it very well.

  5. ha..that closure is fantastic…and oh…the bushfire so close to your home…that’s scary..great job of weaving the poem together…hope you’re staying safe..

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