Things That Linger


Some nights I wouldn’t sleep

In case I’d turn into a vampire

I was sure I heard them

swishing through the long grasses

on the block of land next door

to come up and linger by my bedroom window




and I, with never a cross handy


they were still hanging around

in my twenties

the undead have all the time in the world

and even now

I figure there’s a good chance

they haven’t quite given up

on me,

and I

still, without a cross


For dverse poetics


20 thoughts on “Things That Linger

  1. ha….i grew up with a grave yard in my back yard literally…so i can relate…swear i have seen a ghost and know i heard one speak at least once…the vampires are just differnt now…smiles.

  2. This reminds me of the time my school class made me watch The Witches and I literally vomited in the room I was so afraid I would become a witch. This was after I had spent years overcoming my fear of becoming a werewolf. I liked your poem. Great job. 🙂

  3. this is CLEVER. Firstly, it reminded me of when I was little… I was obsessed with the little vampire books and would read literally one very day…but then when i got into it…the fear of the undead…well, the undead can be all around us cant they…and its usually because they have lost the child within them (the perspective this poem is written from)….great take on the prompt and cleverly themed! v much enjoyed

  4. That childhood fright actually lingers on. Truly said! Most would have around them that chilling effect. In most instances it continues till adulthood! Nicely, Di!


  5. This poem can be read in an ironic sense, the night I can never sleep at night I’m too charming to lose sleep, the darkness of the night leaves the mind free rotate as the universe. I sometimes wonder if I’m a vampire and maybe I do not know.

  6. All those things we never quite grow out of – dreams and fears and so much else. According to modern legend either we don’t have to fear vampires because they’re cuddly really, or a good sharp stick well applied will see them off…

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