No one it seems…


Where does an old man go

when the mountains disappear

from the horizon of his life


and that once bubbly river, that rippled

clear laughter throughout the valley

is stilted and brown


How does an old man dream

with the coal dusted clouds

casting shadows over the land


once lit with sunlight melodies

and long drawn out moans

of sleepy cows


Who cares about an old man’s spirit

dying with each missing birdsong

leaving only the echo of trucks


on the etched out horizon

black steps to a money pile

that’s left no milk to drink


leaving will kill him

staying, amounts to the same

who hears an old man’s…sigh


for dverse open link


18 thoughts on “No one it seems…

  1. I immediately thought of my father -in-law may he RIP, he was a coal miner in W.VA and died of the black lung , he wouldn’t leave it when oppurtunity came. wonderful write. thank you for sharing

  2. Sad poem here; but I would like to hope that the old man would still see mountains (perhaps in his memories or dreams); and I would like to hope that someone really WOULD care about him and hear his sighs!

  3. dang you…you made me cry…who cares…i want to jump up and down and say me! me! me! for i know before long i too will be the old man…and without mountains i may wonder at what the point is….

  4. I don’t think people easily get pulled out of their habitat, any more than birds do. Even though they migrate, they stay in the same familiar zone. It is only since central heating/air that humans have left the temperate zones of the earth and any move is traumatic – speaking as one in the process of doing so. Yet this metaphor is wider than that and includes a broken spirit and a greater loss. Well done.

  5. You ask the eternal question, sweet life so hard to let go, yet ravaged by age! Do we surrender to grace and dignity or sail into the sunset. The first and last stanza’s were my favorite!

  6. oh heck…deeply touching…could really feel him…so he was a coal miner all his life..and they closed it down..? i so hope that he will find new mountains and new clouds appear on the horizon

    • He wasn’t a coal miner, he’s a dairy farmer and coal mines are closing in on his farm. They’ve pushed so many from their land and homes, he’s still trying to hold on… it was terribly sad to see.

  7. very heartfelt rendering and I imagine many a man has suffered similarly since the economic downturns, but even before, a man’s livelihood is so important to his well being 😉

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