A Simple Plan


I think the state is on automatic pilot

Has anybody checked?

The instructions are in the plan – that’s what we’re led to believe

Rule one: whatever you do… don’t think on your feet – always

Check the plan to avoid an internal riot


So as not to look dumfounded when asked what’s new in store

It’s best to keep the plan nearby to flick through and retrieve

A snippet that has very little of anything new to say

For rule two states: no need for respect

There’s a New man in charge, to tell them all what for


All decisions must benefit the men in charge: Rule three

For all the bills in parliament have to go their way

Push them through quick, before they’ve had a chance to check

All the ramifications to their liberties we’re about to thieve

Oh don’t you worry about that… Queensland is just fine – you’ll see


Rule four: When he’s passed his usefulness cut the New man’s strings

Oh…sorry that’s the secret LNP plan…ah… Premier Eject

Oh the wicked webs political courts do weave

Sticky with hypocrisy, corruption and malaise

Meanwhile Queensland glides through, confusion beneath its wings


For dverse Form for all…my attempt at a Karousel… sorry a bit disjointed

a bit like Queensland politics :).


17 thoughts on “A Simple Plan

  1. nice….i dont think i have seen anyone use this for politics yet….it must benefit the man in charge…sadly isnt that the truth…or a special interest group…which benefits the man in charge….yeah i think this one jumps the border from queensland…

  2. ha…well done…would’ve never thought how well that form works with a political content…and yeah…someone should check if it’s an automatic pilot for sure..ha

  3. NIce work on the form Di – and it isn’t just Queensland; this problem really is everywhere. I wonder if politics attracts corrupt people, or if it corrupts them? Probably a bit of both….

  4. ..i think a li’l cutting of this & that and i could hear this rapped… You surely hit those high walls… simple & complex – both together at one…great job…smiles…

  5. I like Premier Eject!!! {Can Bull New Man!!} Seriously the lines “the wicked webs political courts do weave, sticky with hypocrisy, corruption and malaise’ are simply wonderful. So evocative!

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