Before I get my morning coffee…

panda and isabelle 042







Before I get my morning coffee

there are three who must be attended to first

their wants… going out, food and for the parrot… toast

meows, screeches and barking

in a continuous unison

Panda my cat

Isabelle, my dog

Willy, my parrot

all buddies, each with their own plans of manipulation








On cool summer mornings

Panda lazes beneath Willy’s cage

showing not the vaguest interest

in him as prey…well, not that she’s letting on

Willy, surprisingly seems to enjoy her company

Isabelle hangs around, Westie on patrol

a little storm trooper,

letting me know all are present and accounted for

a wee Westies mission in life really

being the boss

and as I watch the social interaction

it amazes me, that despite their own jealousies

and dispositions

here in my backyard

three different species interact

accepting each ones place in their world

with a certain respect

and friendship

Funny that


© Dianne Turner 2013


3 thoughts on “Before I get my morning coffee…

  1. How very neat that they all interact together so well! I am amazed especially about the cat and bird! You are blessed.

    (Ha, before I have MY morning coffee, I have to attend to the needs of my 3 dogs….first outside, then feed them. Only THEN is it my turn. But it’s worth it!)

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