Did Somebody Leave a Light On…you know just in case


Did you know that lightning on Venus

never hits the ground

it sort of… stutters a fractured, never ending pathway

through sulphuric acidic clouds

illuminating a dense orange toxic glow

the finale of nowhere else to go

an epiphany of global warming


still, if Venus would have me

I’d be 30 pounds lighter

before I was burnt to a crisp

in the lava flow of her heart

expendable ash

a non particle

in a puzzle of nothingness


that in all honesty

may never have existed

after unimaginable energies pull the universe apart

so that all we have accomplished, dreamed and created

disintegrates with the big rip…

of course that is assuming we don’t flick the switch off sooner


and somewhere in the distant future

maybe 500 billion years, give or take

lost in the dark

a faint brrrrrr



For Dverse meeting the bar: Creativity


15 thoughts on “Did Somebody Leave a Light On…you know just in case

  1. ha….fascinating the beginning and your look in on venus…and the lightning…lets hope we dont flip that switch…though there are days i wonder if we will…being our own undoing…losing 30 pounds in a clip…not a bad diet either..smiles.

  2. nice…love the title and the excursion into universe…i’m fascinated by the lightning on venus image that never hits the ground…really fascinating stuff..i need to learn a bit more about her..

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