Afternoon Radio Wars


“So how was school?”

“ah good,” he says as he gets in the car

Squashing his back pack at his feet

“can I change the station?”

and before I have a chance to answer…

“you shook me all night long…” is playing

I turn it up and start singing along… he hates that… but I just can’t help myself

“you do know I wasn’t much older than you when this was hit…this is my music buddy!”

he secretly cringes, shrugs and says, “I don’t care, it’s better than that other station you listen to.”

I love my station and it is my car… I should be stronger, and yeah, his choice isn’t all that bad

personally, I think my station is a little more hip…

a tantalizing array of old and new, information and news

morning is my time…he wouldn’t dare change it then

usually he’s too sleepy to be bothered

indeed right now I am listening, as this demon weather descends

trees scream, “you shook me all night long.”

outside tantrum winds woooooo, squeal, and batter

swirling, swishing trees don’t know whether to waltz or twist

or just bow out of the competition

my station tells me to stay put, write bad poetry and batten down

be prepared and wait it out…so that’s exactly what I’m gonna do

and hopefully on Tuesday when all this is over

my son will start school again for another year…and…

maybe this year I’ll be stronger

and won’t let him change the channel from abc612

after all… it is my car.


for dverse poetics: Reaching the Masses



15 thoughts on “Afternoon Radio Wars

  1. This made me smile. (Ha, my grandson wonders why I listen to a particular station….) Be firm with your station. It is YOUR car. I think your son would be firm with his station if it were HIS car! Don’t you????

  2. ha..ha….Yep, its your car and your station ~ My daughter would change channels but once she is out of the car, hubby and I change to another channel or station ~

    Good to see you Di ~

  3. ha…batten down and write poetry…i like that….the boys like my music, at this point…but i do relent and listen to taylor swift a lot…knowing it could be a lot worse….ha…hope the weathers not too bad for you…we got out 3 hours early on friday…

  4. ha…these radio wars sound familiar…when i was a kid, there was no discussion about changing channels…and father’s taste was terrible…ha..smiles

  5. …clever ending…enjoyed the li’l scene you portrayed wide… how kids rule these days…terrible and oh olders must act… though i completely understand when the gap of times lived is the issue… coz i too hate it when dad sings off his frank sinatra & victor wood…aargghh.. smiles…

  6. Ah, yes, I fought bravely in this war, both as a teen and as a parent. One of the first lessons I learned as a teen, was to never be in the car with my dad, when I was the last one to drive it. Seems my idea of sufficient volume did not match his.
    Loved this look at the “war”, Dianne. Brings back lots of memories.

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