Synoptic Puzzles

Oswald’s sliding down the coast

like a big cyclonic snail

rain trail globs

flood the coast

while my husband solves puzzles

with falling blocks

that never fit together

the way you’d expect


all sides being equal it’s not so strange

that Oswald should visit and stay awhile

the rain dancers expected him

and smile


they called him with wishes kissed into the air

and his big burly blob sits on the front porch

leaving huge puddles on parched earth

that rush down to the rivers

overflowing with the tides


He’s not completely unwelcome

and there’s not much choice

on the weather menu of extremes

dry toasted landscapes

bushfire charcoaled scenes

remnants of summer turn into soup of the day


the blocks fit snugly

into the puzzle

that’s not exactly right


And as what’s left of Oswald’s tail

whips the air around us

my husband gets a high score

and we wait for the deluge

expected to be another record breaker

all things being equal


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12 thoughts on “Synoptic Puzzles

  1. The weather in so many places seems so very crazy. We are having thunderstorms with RAIN here in what should be our coldest (and snow-filled) month. Flood warnings out for tonight…when children should be making snowmen! A very vivid write.

  2. ha all things being equal and all…sometimes the bricks just wont fit…for sure….its def been a crazy weather year this year….friday we had snow, monday ice, today 68 degrees and snow again on friday…what the heck? smooth rhythm poet

  3. The blocks never fit like we expect–great poem, with some marvelous lines. I like this one:” and his big burly blob sits on the front porch.” Nice!

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