From my window I see the Wolfman

Here on another night

sleep eludes me

four legged, carnivore gangs

paw the street

my own anxious dog

barks, growls a warning

stay away


I stare out my window

into shadows


for the culprits, so insistent to own the night

footsteps pound

the outer boundaries of my home

wind gently lifts the leaves

to pray to a cushioned moon

smiling eerily

between two clouds


spilling its light

a splattered shimmer

across dark

highlighting passages into unknown worlds

that static shhshshshshsh

speckling on the screen… the entrance

into the dark matter


pulling me into nightmare theatre

a wide eyed, black and white scene

I hear sniffing, pawing, and low snarling in the undergrowth

Wolfman emerges

howling grace to the moon

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, crazily my hands cover my ears

eyeballs popping as his claw hand blocks the screen

devouring me or worse… wounding me so

I leave a trail of illuminated crimson

to the door

my bloody hand smears down the glass

fades to morning…


I recover

a snarl edge

lingering at the end

of every uttered sentence

human in so much that I can still bleed

longing for the moon to fill the sky once more

to call me into the shadows

a product of changing phases

ground hog night, repeating itself with the tides

waking with a howl

I join the pack

and prowl

the boundaries


For dverse poetics: Groundhog day and bright shadows.

I’ve had little sleep the last three nights, thanks to some neighbourhood dogs prowling the streets from around midnight. It starts my dog off and so I have to keep her quiet so all can get some sleep…sleep deprivations starts to make you go a little crazy after day three and so this my take on the prompt.


13 thoughts on “From my window I see the Wolfman

  1. oh my goodness…this gave me shivers… well built up of tension here…i’m sitting alone in the almost dark early morning here…and started to look over my shoulder…ha…ugh on the not being able to sleep..hope things get a bit more quiet soon..

  2. I like this, as it seemed so very real to me. Frighteningly real. I think Wolfman is one of the most frightening of creatures to dream about / see in a ‘nightmare theater.’ I REALLY liked the endng:

    I join the pack
    and prowl
    the boundaries.

    Interesting to think about that. Perhaps joining what one fears makes it less fearsome. Also thinking about the boundaries as being boundaries of reality. Sometimes it is hard to know where imagined ends and reality begins. A powerful poem all around.

  3. Wow, I loved that. Fantastic aliterations and onomono-something … 🙂
    And the fantasy, the wildness was enticing.
    Nicely done — and all inspired by some noisy animals — amazing.
    We are hearing coyotes of late in our winter air.
    We keep the windows open to hear if our chickens scream
    so we can scare the evil hawk!

  4. Well, I found this a lot of fun. (I don’t mean that it’s funny.) But very cool to see the different directions in which people go, and this is such a fanciful well-wrought story wrapped up in a poem. Sleeplessness can lead one into longing for the day and then the moon again, and this desperate feeling of being eaten up inside. You’ve captured all of that and a story too. k.

  5. smiles…nice intensity to this…at first the fear and then becomeing one of the pack….love the sound of static…great flow in this as well…i love the old monsters, wolfman, dracula…

  6. I like how the animals noises took you to another path ~ The turn at the end, is to me to embrace the darkness and primal instincts lurking at the everyday surface ~ They say dreams are always about the dreamer ~

  7. Cool what getting little sleep does for our writing….you wove quite a story with the prompt and how shadows can play such a part in our perceptions of things going on around us 😉

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