Inside the Diorama

I woke to the sounds
of a gently gurgling
while I rubbed my eyes
an egret sidled
alongside me
and froze
like a statue

I dared not move
his stare
captured the moment
and I wondered
was he

his head shot forward
he pulled back
with a fish
that he swallowed
and then
on his way

somewhere above me
came a chuckle
I sheltered my eyes
from the bright morning sun
a smiling face
of a Chinese man
looked down upon me
from the rock
on which he sat fishing
“he only wants the little fish…
not great big whale”

“ha, ha, yes,” I said
rising to my feet
“I wonder…could you tell me where I am?”
“Ah you’re right where you’re supposed to be
at this moment in time.”

a strange quiet
was apparent behind
the whisper of water
and it was as if
I could see for miles
yet everything seemed
so close
the man saw I was puzzled

“You’re very lucky,
a trip for yourself
to every place
both near and far
that so many never see
a precious moment
lost in time
that quiet space

and the egret, stationary
plotted his
next course



15 thoughts on “Inside the Diorama

  1. egrets are wonderful, we watch them here. graceful flight. and i love the perspective shift. we are where we are in our journey.

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