Rant Symphony, Disillusionment: Movement no 2


Disillusionment comes on quick

an oil slick of doubt, clinging

slimy film that coats the air

you try to breathe, and under the sun

illuminates a sliver of colour

through the guck…tricking you into thinking things may not be so dour

this hour


disillusion sucks

energy from my soul

projects itself against the faces

who spin, spin, spin a dialogue of whatthehellwasthatallabout

a lie of silk – of patronising ilk

sour as day old milk


and the face of boy, not more than ten, in America saying he has to be good

needs to keep it together for his mum and dad…so he can stay with his family and be the man of the house, while his dad looks for work…

in a hotel pregnant with the aftermath of foreclosure

from greedy banks and their who the hell cares anyway

let’s get the whole world into a mess investment plans


unemployment lines dangle all over the world

when I watch orchestrated sound bites of nothing hit the nightly news

disillusionment stews


forget the soul we ride on coal

we’ll take all the top soil, for shale filled oil

talking down to us like some gentry tool

“Oil helps cars and trains to go”

as if none of us ever went to school

and just because we attend a lobbyist lunch

doesn’t mean we talk a whole bunch

transparency, transparency, transparency

through us you see

we have such integrity…ask the commission they’ll say it’s so

that’s all you people ever need to know


and in the snow chalet

words cuddle and conceive

insights and plans to deceive

money, property you need to seize

it’s all about more… more… more

low life smiling rotten disease

Smarmy rich officious bore


Coles and Woolies have a raging price war

shop more…shop more

help us leave Aussie farmers poor

we need to monopolize

that’s the prize

getting the biggest size

of every bloody pie

as we sit and watch livelihoods die


hey you two…I’ll pay for my milk

a dollar or two doesn’t give a farmer his due

you strip them bare and I still have to queue

your checkouts diminished

just as farms are finished

both doing your bit

to fill up the working poor pit


no one wants to pay

for a single mum to look after her kid

there’s a mining company, a CEO, a politician, who needs another billion quid


there it is…a few do well

easy to tell

middle to low hand over their dough

there seems to be nowhere else to go

it’d be cool if the general public could sue

the politicians who clearly don’t have a clue

without a vision, who create division

with stupid decisions

none with a futuristic view

they dance to a one beat tune…look after themselves

leave the rest in ruin


Sometimes you need a rant and hopefully I’ve used some poetic tools effectively for dversepoets : The Poetic Tool box


12 thoughts on “Rant Symphony, Disillusionment: Movement no 2

  1. first…i love mash up words!!!! smiles…dang you got me with the ten year old trying to hold it together…i know him…and it sucks…poiliticians that create division with stupic decisions…true…and all about the more and the money, sadly….look after themselves, surely…some really nice quick rhymes in this too…well played….

  2. A very strong sense of urgency here — I think at one point you mean “mean” and not “me” –“doesn’t me we talk a whole bunch” re lobbyist lunch.

    Agh! It’s pretty corrupt. k.

  3. ha…love me a good rant…and it comes straight from your soul i can tell…disillusion sucks

    energy from my soul

    projects itself against the faces

    who spin, spin, spin a dialogue of whatthehellwasthatallabout…fav part…love the mash up words as well…

  4. …liked the entire flow and the execution of this… give me so many ways to digest it…”no one wants to pay for a single mum to look after her kid there’s a mining company, a CEO, a politician, who needs another billion quid” — ha, like your throw in this… quite speaks of truth… quite of a humour but rather sarcastic… great offering… smiles…

  5. ah pandemonium cat youre australian. i saw the american broken dreams program, i understand the lack of food security in the craziness that is happening to the dairy farmers, citrus farmers, all kinds of local producers. we need domestic fair trade. it is so frustrating to have no mechanism for effecting the changes that our societies so OBVIOUSLY need. i second your rant.

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