Remembering Mr Kennedy


Funny days are when you try to recall

cloud wolves chasing the full moon

across the sky

on a night flight


Above it all is strangely scary

yet just a spit in the universe

that can be rubbed out

quicker than a maths equation

on Mr Kennedy’s chalk board


Mr Kennedy, I still see his huge smile

His classroom was a universe of imagination

coloured with enthusiasm

he made us believe we could soar

across the sky

like cloud wolves and land upon the moon


the meteorite soaring through a Russian morning

ignited a memory of Mr Kennedy’s classroom

a sense of excitement about the world

my son and I excitingly watching the ball of flame

sizzling across the sky

thinking phew, how close, a little scary


we talked of sound barriers, sonic booms and I recalled Skylab

and the nightmares

of pieces flying off in the night

the concord taking off and circling as I walked down the gravel

driveway of the farm

cowering from the boom as it broke through the sound barrier

feeling so tiny


and how my teacher made the scary world

a miracle in the making

Mr Kennedy’s balding white haired halo head

dancing across the classroom

explaining all, still with the fascination of a child


I wanted to be a Mr Kennedy for one moment

let my son feel that energy, and keep a bit

to keep in a pocket of his mind

see the world in all its strangely scary excitement

that not all things happen on a screen

and with a twiddle of thumbs


hoping he’ll see cloud wolves

chasing the moon

when he’s a man

making his own way

through this world


When I was in sixth grade I had the most amazing teacher, his classroom was filled with adventure and imagination. He encouraged us to pursue dreams, write poetry, stories and colour our world. For dverse Leonard Cohen and Place.


14 thoughts on “Remembering Mr Kennedy

  1. he sounds like some teacher…making the scary and exciting world…and i hope you passed a bit of that on to your son…it is scary…and could have been all the worse you know…but it is something one can use to spin the imagination of young minds…smiles….

  2. You are very lucky to have such a teacher ~ What gift to share with your son ~ That sky blast over the Russian city is something else, though not the injuries it caused though ~ Good to see you ~

  3. I think everyone has their “Mr. Kennedy.” I am so glad that my prompt triggered you to write about him. I love teachers that give young people a sense of excitement about the world. I was a teacher…and I hope that, for some, I was that Mr. Kennedy. Not with science, but….with things like poetry and reading. I like that Mr. Kennedy made the scary world a miracle. He definitely sounds very gifted. If you haven’t written him a letter telling him that you still remember him, I recommend this. He would be touched (as any teacher would) to know that his influence lives on and is being passed on to your son!

    • Teachers have such an impact on us, and I am sure Mary that you have left a little bit of yourself on the hearts of your students. I would love to write to Mr Kennedy but I feel it may be to late, he would be very very old now. But I do wish I had done so earlier…

  4. What a difference the Mr. Kennedy’s in academia make. I’m glad it was a positive lasting impression you carried over to your son.

  5. I love that you had a teacher that made such an impact on you…we need more teachers in the world like him. I know you’ve made such an impact on your son. Wonderful story…so enjoyed your offering.

  6. A super lovely poem. I had a couple of teachers like that. (In my generation, when I think of Kennedy, my mind goes to politics, but when I moved from that, I caught a wonderful Irish enthusiasm.) k.

  7. Wonderful poetry about a wonderful teacher ~ how lovely to be so close to your son that you could share this memory ~ quite. Tribute to Mr Kennedy ~ I especially liked: ‘… strangely scary yet just a spit in the universe’

    • Thanks so much… I will check these out, I did get him a BBC The Universe series for Christmas, so he’s been watching a those but always like to watch others…thank you again very much appreciated. 🙂

  8. oh wow…i wish we had more teachers like your mr. kennedy…wow…love how he made the world a miracle and so cool how it stuck with you and how you teach your son in the same way

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