Refugee in the Garage


He’d be safer if he would stay put

behind the chipboard pieces

of old furniture leaning against the wall

but he likes it behind the wheel

right behind the wheel

and if I forget to look

that’s it

he’s gone

up to that garage in the sky

for all creatures

who don’t know their place


I can’t understand why he wants to risk his life and stay in my garage

I thought about refusal, you know, turning him back

so as not to encourage any other wayward lizards

who thought they could risk their lives

 for a safer life in my garage


and that’s a haphazard thought at best

considering his penchant for living life on the edge

of burning rubber

one minute you’re a fat little blue tongue lizard

next  you’re a flat one


I’ve discussed these issues but like a

scaly politician he doesn’t listen to sense

he scuttles away for a brief interlude

to return next time


insistent little dude that’s for sure

and now others know I’m harbouring him

the westie, the pussycat, he’s not of their ilk

living rent free, on handouts of food

who does he think he is…


I was trying to keep it on the down low

I don’t need the push and shove of what are you hiding in there

each time I open the door

the suspicion and fear that someone’s getting more than them


Anyway, I guess he can stay, I’m sure he’s doing his bit

in his lizard kind of way…I like having him around

he adds colour to my life

and anyway

 giving him safe refuge

just seems like the right thing to do


16 thoughts on “Refugee in the Garage

  1. ha…nice…we used to have lizards everywhere when we lived in florida…my cat liked them…for dinner…or an in between meal snack…living on the edge has its dangers that is for sure…smiles…

  2. I enjoyed this so much. I hope the lizard lives a long time. I bet if ever you find him gone you will miss him. When I was in Hawaii at one time, there was a little gecko that lived inside the condo I stayed in. He didn’t travel far, and I looked for him every day and found him. One day I found that he had died and felt very bad. Sometimes a person can get attached to these little things!

  3. smiles…yeah…sounds like the right thing to do…and not too bad to have him adding a bit color to the everyday as well…and if he knew you even wrote a poem about him…smiles…i like

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