art by Kelvin S M



storms forming in the distance

 in the gentle breeze – i sway

just sway


touched by a single drop

of rain

I sway

just sway


trees invisible

where skeletal frames rise

and while thunder roars – I sway

just sway



For dverse poetics


16 thoughts on “Perplexed

  1. …seems like an urban bird lost in the entire hugeness & vastness of the many tall buildings.. unable to find refuge for no trees are visible to land on with… and just settled on a mere wire hanging loosely… sadly but oh.. it feels like i was there seeing his observation in this modern living…smiles…

    • Yes Kelvin that was in my mind, I visited a place I once lived some time ago, anyway much of the bushland has been stripped to make way for urban development…made me sad, I guess that’s what your painting reminded me of…I thought of the birds and koalas where do they go, and what must they think.

  2. Laughing — Perplexed! I doubt it was suppose to be funny, but the phrase “bird-brain” comes to mind. Not to be a bird bigot — Hell, I’d love to just sit for hours swaying in the wind perplexed at times too! 😉

  3. Brilliant Di. I immediately thought of the bird being raised by its parents, who told it all about the leaf-covered trees they used to perch in when they were young, and wondering, “Where have all the trees gone?” The repetition works really well too.

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