Oh you simply must join us for tea

Sheltering beneath discolouration,
ladies sip tea on the green
at forever garden parties,
while hollyhocks, trumpet the morning with colour,
lavender scents the air and rose petals
twist inward just a little more.

Cold, calculating, stabs of laughter
wring napkins in laps,
forced smiles under examination and the cracking
of the most affable glaze weakens ladies sighs,
as the dashing Mr Colonel appears.

They congratulate themselves on their good fortune,
to be almost proper,
plastered decals upon the teapot,
with a flea bitten chipped spout,
collecting dust upon the sideboard.


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16 thoughts on “Oh you simply must join us for tea

  1. I think I would pass on the invitation! LOL. Sounds a bit too ‘cold’ for me. Well described…lots of details that bring the scene alive.

  2. smiles….tea feels rather plastic you know…never was one for being good at prim and proper…all those manners get in the way of my living…smiles…..nicely done…easy to see the tea you find yourself stuck in…ha…

  3. …there is truly such elegance & nobility in the art of tea drinking… and always feels like a great honour to have been invited to join in such a ceremony… in japanese… invitation for tea drinking has a deep symbolism of good gesture and acquaintance… smiles… i enjoyed the read… thanks..

  4. “Stabs of laughter”–wow, that’s strong! Great writing here, powerful description of the hypocrisy and emptiness of putting on airs. (Is that a common phrase in your part of the world, putting on airs?)

  5. Brilliant! A fellow student in a poetry class I’m taking brought a similar piece about Doulton figurines last week. Such airs and graces pouring out from the ladies on the outside of a chipped teapot 🙂

  6. haha…very cool work on the details and in painting the atmosphere…ya know…the only tea party i would like to join is one with miss marple as a guest…smiles

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