Bafflin Bubbles





the melodic squelch

of my bubble

under my feet

a thin film

smooth like a silk glove against my skin

delicately damaged, it bursts its colours

into the mix of life

disappearing after a flight

of fantasy across vast

corners of my front yard

even my incompetence at blowing them

into the rain

cannot damage my enthusiasm

I kiss them into the wind

And they zoom away on the earth’s breath



for dverse poetics

My friend Bluebellina gave me these words:

glove/bubble damage/ scatter/ zoom vast/ melodic/ damaged daring/ incompetence

Bafflin was one of my husbands words…it went into the title!


12 thoughts on “Bafflin Bubbles

  1. kiss them into the wind…nice…bubbles are cool…they remind me of childhood…really cool imagery in this…bursting into the mix of life…cool phrasing as well..nice di

  2. I do like the Pop! at the end. I like blowing bubbles into the wind, watching them float into other people’s gardens. I wonder if they are home and wonder for a moment where the bubbles are coming from. Which 49yr old child sent them this tiny circular rainbow!!

  3. oh very cool..i love bubbles…they just bring a bit of magic into the everyday…love kissing them into the wind as well..and the zooming in on earth’s breath..nice!!

  4. i love the part “kissed them into the wind and they zoom away into the earths breath” and, earlier in the piece, “delicately damaged, it bursts its colours
    into the mix of life” Those are marvelously detailed and very fresh…Thanks~!

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