Morning Ride


Like a circle of scrubby courtiers

 the surrounding bush bowed thirstily

their branches curling downward

curtseying on the breeze

twisting greedily

 into the red ochre dirt


Often I’d ride through the disarray to the clearing

galloping across a dusty terrain

 and there shimmering in the outback heat

 gums stood tall on a throne

of lush green grass

a bush oasis


I’d let the reins drop so my horse, Chantal could stretch out her neck

snort at the ground and in long leisurely strides

head straight for the green

to where dragon flies danced

on the edge of the water

 as I slid from Chantal’s back

she would graze

quietly in the cool shade


miles from anywhere

I would lie back in the long grass

watching the changeling clouds

transform across the sky

 a snickery breeze played with the grass

perforating the silence

with the faint talk of a spring morning


I was everywhere and anywhere

one step through the looking glass

no magic just an everyday present

left unwrapped

a day


with a melody of birds


Later we’d ride up the levy

jump fallen trees

gallop through the bush

like the Man from Snowy River

well… sort of

startling kangaroos and the odd emu


just the two of us living the feeling

of a painting on a lounge room wall

“Morning Ride”

and sometimes I see us

still there on the wall

lost in another spring morning


for dverse open link


18 thoughts on “Morning Ride

  1. What a beautiful childhood reflection! In my childhood I would have loved to experience what you described. I was so in love with everything about horses, but all of mine were imaginary!! Smiles.

  2. oh wow…so very cool… i always wanted to have a horse when i was a kid but no way that we could afford to have one.. there’s so much magic in your words..sounds like you had wonderful times..

  3. ah love the freedom i find in this…first would love to ride a horse again….and i have been out there in the middle of nowhere that felt like everywhere…so free and alone but in a good way….just being….

  4. Not just any horse ride – your horse in your country. This poem just shouts “Australia!” long before the kangaroos make their appearance. It’s there in the use of the word “bush” and the red-ochre dirt. Fabulous, Di.

  5. Such peace and utter contentment came through…you touched all the senses and we caught another glimpse of your home too. I could almost feel that “snickering” breeze.

  6. I liked “I’d let the reins drop..”. it sounded refreshing and relaxing. I have horse allergies unfortunately, but can enjoy the vicarious experience when reading this.

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