What a Bridge Reflects

An eye

Staring at you

Captures past reflections

Of another century gone

And blinks


18 thoughts on “What a Bridge Reflects

  1. Your eye, looking down off a bridge at your own reflection and can see your own eye blink.
    How does the century disappear in 2013?
    Or is there a sprite in the river, hypnotically teasing you of your coming aged years?
    Fun to imagine.

  2. Hmm…I don’t think I got the same meaning from this as everyone else did. I was sort of creeped out by the eye. I don’t know if that is because I feel guilty about something, or I have just watched too many John Carpenter films. I really like the poem, even with (or maybe because of) the little chill it gave me.

  3. …the setting here watching thine own reflection to the water from the bridge is really meditative… and yes so many thing one can realise & see from own’s eye including, perhaps, the past persona we used to be 100 of years ago… great one here… i enjoyed it… smiles…

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