Apparently a car needs more than petrol…and a superhero to run properly



overheating on Enoggra Terrace

in the middle of a traffic jam

 while another car is on fire

 mine is reaching boiling point



on this St Pat’s morning

when everything is green

I’m red

alarms beep, beep, beep, beeping

Hot! Hot! Hot!

flashing …flashing…flashing

on the panel

a thermometer bursting its top

I know…I know

 but where to Stop!


And maybe not stopping is at the heart

of all this overheating

and painting class is a no go… now

I’m more than late

I’m stuck




on this hot autumn morning

beneath the shade of an evergreen

leaves don’t fall here in Brisbane

unlike me…


broken down



I heard on the radio

a five metre tall eight year old boy

is in the parade… a huge puppet

I bet he’d get me out of here toute sweet

he’d smash em up, clear a road

pour cool water over me

brrrm brrrm me all the way home


or maybe one of those green superheroes

you know… like the Hulk

someone to pick me and my car up

and put us back in my driveway

all safe and sound


then suddenly… it’s not a bird, not even a plane

just in the nick of time… like in the movies


he turns up

with coolant, a chocolate bunny and a kiss

suddenly I’m cooler

feeling much better

he’s not green and not the hulk

he’s a fluoro wearing construction worker

but he’s my super hero

and right now

it’s up, up and away


For dverse St Patricks Day


14 thoughts on “Apparently a car needs more than petrol…and a superhero to run properly

  1. Very cool that your own personal ‘super hero’ rescued you from your frustrating plight.(I could feel the frustration in your poem.) I hope you still were able to go to painting class!

  2. smiles…glad that your superhero found you…not a fun thing to have car trouble out in the middle of nowhere or on a busy highway…well anywhere….ha, i like your pondering on who might save you…and i hope that all is well with the car now…

  3. oh i’m glad the construction worker turned up to rescue you…and green or superman outfit or not, he surely is a superhero in this moment… ugh..not fun when the car breaks down… mine once broke down when i was standing in the drive in line at mcdonalds…ha…smiles.. was an easy rescue though..

  4. Always great to be rescued !! What’s not to like about happy endings,
    ” I bet he’d get me out of here toute sweet” !!
    “and right now
    it’s up, up and away”..(in my beautiful balloon) great ending !!

  5. Oh what a worry – good to have help. A friend’s car caught on fire as she was driving, and she took the first opportunity to pull over….at a gas station! There was a lot of panicked faces, but they put the fire out before it could do more damage, but not her cleverest plan ever!

  6. Superhero construction worker- glad he saved the day and glad you’re okay.

    It’s hard to imagine it being autumn there.

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