The Vase

The flowers are withering. First their delicate petals droop, sad sighs, deflating their bloom. The days drag on, under the weight of a cloud, those same petals brown. Stained blooms, hints of colour, press into the darkened corner, ashamed.


The Japanese vase

An urn for dying flowers

Sits on the dresser


Tips slightly, turn up, leaves curl, forming arthritic concaves, resisting, the urge to drop. Dust collects on the dresser where remnants have fallen. Silently, we watch the decay, passing by, never lingering.


Hiding in corners

Neglecting loves beauty

Flowers lose colour


Above the decay, the essence of a woman rises through the leaves, a bloom in full flight. Emerging from a cocoon of years, her lips pursed, kissing the wind. A chaotic rhythm of colour, strikes the wall with purpose.


Alive and growing

Spring season illuminates

Lifecycles changing


Yet the vase stands, holding its brittle contents, a bouquet of denial that no grave can claim.


The Japanese vase

An urn for dying flowers

Sits on the dresser


No one empties the vase.



This is a poem I wrote a while a go… I posted it recently but it seems to fit Anna’s prompt at dverse Meeting the bar. At the time of writing I would say I did have an affinity with that vase at the time, to me it was rather beautiful. Anyway, this is it and was my first attempt at a Haibun.


11 thoughts on “The Vase

  1. You know… you could have just presented the “Japanese” vase Haiku, and I would have been happy. You could have ended it with “No one empties the vase.”, and I would have equally happy. The entire weave of Haiku and the interludes, makes for a fine composition. “Above the decay, the essence of a woman rises through the leaves, a bloom in full flight.”… nice… Thanks.

  2. This was a stunning write. I loved the presentation and how you went full circle with the urn for dying flowers sitting on the dresser! Message I find is that all eventually decays; and so will the woman.. Cycle of life.

  3. wow…very nicely done….the flowers in the vase…the subtle allusions to it being the woman as well…negelect…ugh, tough topic itself…and a sad state as well…i like the rising of the woman, like rebirth…A chaotic rhythm of colour, strikes the wall with purpose….nice….a bit sad no one does anything about the poor neglected flowers…

  4. This is stunning!
    The best I’ve read for a while.
    It is so familiar to me.
    I could provide a dozen images to sum this up.
    Are we just lazy or too soft hearted to throw away what gave pleasure –
    and still does even though past its sell-by-date.

    And this combination of haiku and prose is something that I have been doing without knowing it is an actual legit form. Great.
    I’m so glad I stopped by here today. Thank you.

    • Thank you Aprille, I appreciate your comment so much as I do the other comments too! I did work at this poem so it’s nice to know that others appreciate it too! I must admit I seem to let my flowers stay there to the absolute last moment, in a strange way I find it rather beautiful but I think too you are right that something that gives pleasure is so difficult to part with. Thank you again you have made my day! 🙂

  5. I too enjoyed the alternation between haiku and prose, and I especially liked the ending (although for me the smell of dead flowers always make sure I change them).

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