Mind Macrame


My brain is weaving darkness

a series of tight knots

devoid of colour


 a macramé madness

making me loopy


followed by thousands of eyes

my own expert mirrors


analysing, judging


disapproving of the frayed edges


I fall into the weave of anger

submerging into the dark patterns

a well worn carpet of self loathing

suffocating in the pile


And I wonder…

how do I unpick the being

from my soul

and not completely unravel




15 thoughts on “Mind Macrame

  1. wow. deep thought you end on there…a macrame madness…all the eyes looking back your own…the self loathing i can do without, the anger though i dont know that we can ever rid ourselves of it…and if you could pick and choose what remains what would we lose in the process?

  2. Hope this is not topical for you.
    Although probably one can’t read this without having an inkling..
    I’ve felt down/sorry for myself/angry, but never experienced self loathing.
    Let’s say it is a sign of your superb craftsmanship 🙂
    And now for something cheery….

  3. Strong writing, Di. You’ve captured so much of the reality of true depression – as opposed to feeling a bit down. As someone who has been there, I do hope this isn’t reflective of where you are right now. If it is, be sure to get all the help you need, and I hope it ends soon.

  4. And I wonder…
    how do I unpick the being
    from my soul
    and not completely unravel…that close just leaves me breathless.. really like how you make the emotions palpable in this

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