Tea and Sandwiches


“See what happens when you delve…”

“What, what happens…”

“Just look …look over there…”

“Sandwich bar?… well, I’m not going in there… A bar for sand witches, and they left out the t”

“no I think they serve tea…but there, see… they delved Rosencrantz.”

“So I’m Rosencrantz then…”

“ Well I think so… but remember…”

“No I don’t remember and what are sand witches? Do we know any? Are they important? Because we were sent for… weren’t we Guildenstern?”

“I thought I was Rosencrantz??”

“What is this place…Denmark?”

“no that’s a nutshell and I don’t think this is a nutshell…although…”

Whoosh, beep, beep….screeech “get outta the way, who the %$&# do you think you are…it’s not Halloween you clowns, get off the road or you’ll get killed…morons!”

“Did he say killed?”

“Yes but I distinctly remember…we died… didn’t we?”

“I ah…I think so…yet we were sent for.”

“So is this death…here… I mean why here? I imagined death would be…”

“Would be what Guildenstern? what would you imagine?”

“Well I wouldn’t imagine this would I…what is this?”


“This is not Denmark this is not what Denmark is like.”

“How do you know…have you ever been?”

“No… but I imagine…”

“You imagine do you… you can’t imagine Denmark anymore than you can imagine death and we could very well be in either or none at all.”

“But… we were sent for.”

“Yes but that was before…”


“What are you talking about?”

“Well delve…I mean if before we were alive and now we’re dead then we must be…”

“we’re transformed.”

“not ourselves you mean…”

“no, just changed…not what we were”

“Well, I’ve had enough, I’m hungry, I’m getting a sandwich?”

“What…without the t?”


For dverse poetics Modern day mythology


19 thoughts on “Tea and Sandwiches

  1. Ha, this made me laugh. It would be a good performance piece, I think. I could just see the two characters carrying on. I enjoyed how you both began and ended with the sandwich/sandwitch. Your poem went full circle, and I am still circling around trying to figure if they are living or dead or in Denmark or not. LOL.

  2. what a conversation…haha… now i’ve been in denmark already, so i would know…and could tell them if they’d asked…smiles..fun take on the prompt

  3. oh my…wow…this would be great to have two people delivering it on stage….smiles…big smiles….between you and sherry you made my afternoon…a nice break, a healthy laugh…thanks for the humor…

  4. …i think this is the first time i have ever read a poem in a plain conversation and i enjoyed it… ye put us there make it so easy for us to play with our imaginations while delivering those lines… smiles… happy easter Dianne…

  5. Oh Tom Stoppard would love this!! Nothing like a good delve I say!! Of course it’s not Denmark, Denmark and England are merely a conspiracy of cartographers!! {Sorry! Couldn’t help myself!!} Enjoyed this very much.

    • ha ha…I do hope he would…as you know sometimes you just can’t help yourself!! 🙂 I think they’re in the matrix…that should put a spoke in their wheel!!! So much fun to revisit!!! 🙂

  6. I had to read up on these to be able to taste the sandwicTh you served: the absurd, the deep mixed in the superficial, and existentialism. Interesting — thanx for the intro

  7. Wow. You really did such a wonderful job with this prompt. I love the conversation, the play on words, the meanings infused here (transformation, change, imagination). Really, I loved it.

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