No… it’s not you…it’s them!!!

Conscience, common sense like Elvis left the building

a long time ago

the world exit is closed

and we’re left in a concert of madness

fools of the court run the show

no one knows what they’re doing, selling or governing

only what they’ve got, want to retain and get

the privileged matadors try to drape capes over our eyes

they’re not succeeding…all of us see what’s coming

but like the bull in an arena we get stabbed in the behind

worn down until all we do is bleed

they stick it to us in whatever way they can visualise

a creative construct of contractual conundrums

the creator doesn’t even understand

and lawyers pretend to

except everyone knows…it’s us who pays for it in the end

through deceptive windows…everything is clear but the full picture makes no sense

it’s all about lavish lunches, designer dresses, vulgarly priced necklaces

sports cars, quiet holidays on a beach patrolled with security (to keep us away from their pristine frolics)

a pretentious cottage overlooking the sea

where on a balcony they will sip bottled water

from some exotic part of the world

they have yet to plunder, destroy or confuse

while we try to sort it out

somewhere, someone will try to dissect this rationally

but it can’t be done

unethical loonies are in power

and we…those who work every day to make sense of it all

are the brains of the out fit

the moral compass

left spinning and that’s just the way they want it



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10 thoughts on “No… it’s not you…it’s them!!!

  1. Unfortunately, you are absolutely “on the money” with this one, Dianne. Equally unfortunate is the fact that the loonies have always been in charge of the asylum.
    Excellent write!

  2. unethical loonies about sums it all up…and spinning moral compass. Aside of all that what sweet pets! Love the kitty! Pups, too! I wrote one for the dogs…or the girls who love them -linked after you, Dianne!

  3. it is us that pays for it in the end…the moral compass has been on the fritz for years as well…it just gets faster it seems….and i am covering my behind to keep from getting poked…smiles…

  4. I like “the world exit is closed
    and we’re left in a concert of madness.”
    But this makes me want to scream!

    Lots too think about here.

  5. “drape capes over our eyes” – very true. They forget the capes are transparent (sometimes) and we can see exactly what is going on.

  6. it’s a mad world..esp. the part with the sipping bottled water i found impressive as it shows the distance and gap and insanity of it even more

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