Dear me I’m retro

so obviously so

from a fifties show

with kids in tow


Now it’s official

my life sacrificial

almost artificial

never financial


A SAHM label

aged old fable

setting the table

rocking the cradle


Never a winner

just cooks the dinner

I could be thinner

a feminist sinner


Luxury days

Oprah induced haze

resisting the craze

for higher end pays


Apparently depressed

caged and repressed

in home compressed

severely distressed


Just read the media

photographs in sepia

oddity for academia

suicidal Ophelia


Never promoted

family devoted

so often demoted

rarely noted


A retro wife

getting on with life

settling strife

good with a knife


5 thoughts on “Housewife

  1. You know, I was always glad my mom was a SAHM. I loved having her home when I got home from school, sometimes walking into a house to smell chocolate chip cookies having been baked. Someone to listen to ME when I walked in the door. Truly not a lot of children seem to have this richness any more. Your children will always have wonderful memories, and that is NO small thing. Be glad you CAN stay home with / for them.

  2. I wanted to be a SAHM but couldn’t afford to. I was lucky enough to have a couple of years after each child before going back to work and loved it. Not all women are career women but sadly that’s not respected. I know my kids really enjoyed any time they had with me at home but they don’t really appreciate it until they’re older. I can relate to your poem though. Very nicely done and I love the rhyme. It’s very clever 🙂

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