There’s something strange in the neighbourhood


And so I awoke to squeals of delight

Laughter, yelling,

cheering and jeering

a hell of a racket

that drowned out the birds

so damn annoying

Saturday morn in the burbs


It all seemed quite alien

something forgotten

it was a long ago siren

a call to arms

when we kids in the street

rose to the alarms

laughter and squeals

of happy day deals


Excursions of life

adventures to be had

riding donkeys

collecting frogs

looking for creatures

underneath logs

exploring the bush

building cubbies and forts

staging world wars

fun of all sorts



Yet there it was

I was annoyed

so used to the quiet

or computers whirring

updates churning

peow peow of guns and games burning


as they climbed their trees

and created their forts

swinging away on daydreaming thoughts

screaming, squealing, scheming dreaming

far from annoyed

I sat back and enjoyed


3 thoughts on “There’s something strange in the neighbourhood

  1. It’s the school holidays and the world is full of noise!! Happy playful noise I can handle, someone throwing a ball at a tin fence over and over, now that has turned me into an old curmudgeon!! I wish he’d go climb a tree!! Otherwise…. nice poem!

  2. I enjoyed this reflection. So nice to hear the happiness of children outside, isn’t it? At least they were not just sitting inside in front of the television or playing video games!!

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