Puzzle of the Week at the Lightning Ridge Pub


on the chalk board above the bar

neatly written

is the puzzle of the week

Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?


they all knew

but they weren’t telling

and they were here

in the bar

downing schooners

but they weren’t speaking


dusty faces

stony masks

the standard response

to any question asked

about the ratter


someone had got the ratter

leaving him with two fingers less

a warning to others

who thought they could speed off

with another man’s opal


but here

in the bar

they know nothing

and a big burly bloke yells

“Michelangelo…and that’s all I bloody know.”


For dversepoets anecdote prompt

I read this story in the paper last weekend about the ratter of Lightning Ridge, a ratter being someone

who steals opals from another mans claim it was like something

right out of Deadwood… the photo included with the story had a chalkboard with the

puzzle of the week…


11 thoughts on “Puzzle of the Week at the Lightning Ridge Pub

  1. oh dang…cool inspiration for this…
    ouch on the fingers, but will be hard for him to dip his fingers in on the take again,
    justice? ha, like how you set this up with the puzzle
    and no one talking…cool write…

  2. 2 fingers missing? Pffft, I would take the hand 😉

    At the end I was just left with the image of Mick Dundee walking back into the bar at Walkabout Creek just as Donk answered the question.

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