Saturday Morning at the Deadly Ernest Laundromat


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And so it was

my father sat me on his shoulders

so I could catch a glimpse of my childhood idol


Never the Humphrey Bear kind of child

oh no not me

darkness claimed my soul early

at six or was it seven years old

I was there to see my favourite zombie

open the local laundromat

on a busy and surprisingly sunny Melbourne morning


Every Friday night we’d pull closed the glass sliding doors

sit by the fire

and waited for his tattered corpse to emerge from his coffin

in top hat and tails

with rotting protruding teeth askew

in the eerie black and white haze

he introduced horror movies on my T.V screen


Deadly Ernest

my favourite childhood character

he opened the carriage door

and I stepped into the stagecoach

for a ride into the macabre


Stopping all stations

from armchair thrillers to Hammer Horrors

searching for Christopher Lee grinning vampires

growling werewolves, ghosts and ghoulies of every persuasion

prowling moon lit graveyards

in the dead of night

I became a willing passenger, a devotee if you will

in the pursuit of undead monsters


A supernatural ride that continues still

long after the final spin

of the super zombie wash

comes to an end

at the Deadly Ernest Laundromat


A clip of Deadly Ernest

Written for dverse poetics Monsters


22 thoughts on “Saturday Morning at the Deadly Ernest Laundromat

  1. ha. very cool…so do you watch walking dead now? its actually a pretty good human drama…my parents were not big into horror, so we had to sneak and watch them at my cousins house…which made it all the scarier some with the having to sneak…ha…cool write…

    • Thanks Brian, I do watch walking dead…you know my mum used to watch the horror movies and tell me about them in the morning over breakfast because they were on too late… and she hated horror movies. I do think she made a lot up mind you…I’ve seen them all since and I very much doubt she watched them through! πŸ™‚

  2. You have captured very well the child’s fascination with the macabre, and undead ~ That must have been an interesting zombie laundromat to see ~

  3. Loved this, Diane. That’s such a young age to be watching that kind of stuff. I remember watching Frankenstein and The Werewolf on tv and thinking those were the scariest things I’d ever seen…so tame compared to what is showing these days.

  4. ha cool…i have to confess though that i haven’t watched many horror movies…i just can’t… they haunt me for weeks…and really you should see me in front of the tv…i winch even as the music gets more’s embarrassing…smiles

  5. fancy you being able to see through all that at such an early age. Do you still crave it?
    Well written gruesomeness πŸ™‚

  6. I smiled when I read Humphrey Bear knowing ah ha an Aussie, then I read on Melbourne and Deadly Earnest! πŸ™‚ Pleased to meet you Di and a pleasure to read. Thank you. (I’m a Melbournian also) x

    • Oh so nice to meet a fellow Aussie πŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed my poem. I don’t live in Melbourne anymore, and miss it so much, now I’m in Queensland… hope you enjoy dverse it’s such fun! πŸ™‚

  7. Interesting that your dad and you watched these shows together. We used to do something similar when I was a kid. Old horror movies would show late on a weekend night. My parents would watch too. I would sit with a blanket to cover my head in scary parts. I still can visualize Frankenstein & The Wolfman. Undoubtedly pretty tame by today’s standards. Now I steer clear of horror of any kind.

  8. This brings back memories of scary movies or t.v. shows from my childhood. ‘Dark Shadows,’ ‘Night Gallery,’ ‘Twilight Zone,’ ‘Outer Limits,’ etc…Great writing!

  9. this is really cool… gotta love zombies ( i do, too!)… Christopher Lee, still so amazing. how glad am i to have read this – thank you so much for sharing such a rich poem.

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