Dream Cloud Palette

Storm Clouds Over the Pumicestone Passage

Storm Clouds over Pumicestone Passage by Dianne Turner

I’m climbing colours

One by one

How beautifully they cling to the soul

Running through green valleys

Paddling in pristine blues

Drying off in the yellow sun

So black cracks split open

And blood red seeps through

To find me bouncing on puffy clouds of white

Happy to look down upon my painted path

And know

It was the only way

To reach my cloud


20 thoughts on “Dream Cloud Palette

  1. oh they indeed cling beautifully to the soul…as your write does..love the bouncing on clouds, looking down on the painted path…all it took to get you there…love the magic in this

  2. smiles…the only way to reach my cloud….true that…and i like the journey you took to get there…and use of art…the climbing of colors…i def think it is one way to get there….cool pic you included as well…there is a very nice softness to your words…

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