Accidental Hoon


I did another 360 on the roundabout yesterday

And I don’t mean just driving around it

I mean front end stationary back end swing

SCREEEEECH!!! Just smell that burning rubber



Not that I have any idea how it happens…

But I figure it has something to do with that first drizzle of rain

on the road…



Years ago I did one in the paddock…

And the kids thought it was cool… a cloud of red dust

Billowed outward… up up into the blue…

unintentional too…I might add


To tell you the truth I’m pretty good

at chuckin donuts (think that’s the technical term 😉 )

 seem to have the knack

I could probably get a start with the night crew

Cruising the streets

Burning up rubber til the wee hours


My son wants me to get a new car…

I’m thinking yep…that’s the problem

It’s not a 40 k per hour hoon mum…

It’s the car


My husband thinks it’s a navigational problem

Drawing diagrams he points out where it is

He thinks I went wrong…


He may well have a point… but I’m thinking…


Hmm donuts…. hmm new car

And hmm new car smell

How nice…

Ah to dream

It’s gonna be new tyres


And who knows maybe I’ll paint flames up the side

of the sedan

Dress in black leather

 Licence plate change to “Hoon Mother”

Hang out at the local haunt

and burn rubber til dawn


For dverse open link

Had a few problems with a round a bout lately, seems to only happen in very light rain…this happened yesterday taking my son to school…now he’s not so eager to get in the car with mum! Oh dear!


12 thoughts on “Accidental Hoon

  1. So it’s Daredevil Dianne, is it? Roads do get slick when it rains; especially if it was warm for several days prior. The oil in the asphalt rises to the top, then the water combines with it to make a very slippery surface. Got to slow down, mama!

  2. hahahaha…sounds like a plan…you rebel mom, i need some new tread as well though i have yet to start spinning but i have def been to that point…smiles…be careful out there…i def think you need it as a tat as well…smiles.

  3. What a cool poem. I like the idea of flames on the side of the car. Why not? And get yourself some black leather as well. When if not now??

  4. That last verse is very striking and full of adventure, sure why not ~

    Be careful when driving ~ I don’t worry about cars and tires, its my hubby who does that ~ Smiles ~

  5. You go girl! I’m not an adventurous driver, but I remember when learning to drive I scared myself by lifting the left wheels off the ground by driving too fast round a roundabout.

  6. Ah, the possibilities . . . arises one, stokes another and then on from there . . . circles, like donuts . . . dreams. When will they be fulfilled?

    I like your piece. Vroom vroom. It leaves tracks.


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