Women often sit alone on the waterfront

staring across the liquid glass

toward the vanishing point

where their space hovers

believing it will fill with answers

they’re quiet, motionless

like the heron


their hair lifting in the breeze

their faces still

as if on the verge

of an utterance

wondering how yesterday

could have disappeared

leaving them clinging to threads

that may pull together

the holes

opening up

on the horizon


For dverse poets Your voice let’s hear it!


17 thoughts on “Mending

  1. Great observation… and that healing is behind a mask.
    and as a comment:

    you find the men
    in seedy sportsbars
    where they hide behind masks
    of anger and knowledge
    that their passion
    and specifics
    the statistics
    of the team
    is just passion
    that they

    • Thank you Bjorn and for the male perspective as well, gives a nice bit of balance. It’s good to be aware of how we all deal with things to gain an understanding of each other. Wonderful comment thank you!

  2. nice…ha. (sorry just read bjorns comment/poem) how did today disappear…yeah, i have asked that…and probably sat right there as well when i was nearer the water…you def made it easy for us to see them in this…

  3. This is well expressed. I see these scenes often, in fact have been in this scene myself. Somehow one fantasizes that the horizon might hold the answer………sometimes it does.

  4. Wow–this is real poetry. Every line is marvelous, but I particularly like these:

    their faces still

    as if on the verge

    of an utterance

    A perfect description. Oh, and any poem including herons is going to pass the test with me!

  5. This is wonderful… love the heron. I used to go hang out at a special spot by the waterfront when I was depressed (I was single and living somewhere else).

  6. Di, I felt as though I were sitting there with you. You create a whole personality in this lovely poem…you shine through it. There are egrets on the water hazard outside my window (it’s on a golf course) and that fact really drew me in.

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