Muriel’s Momentary Design Malfunction

For Kellie Elmore’s word bank:  

lazy – rain – perspective – glint – somber – trinket – static


It dawned on Muriel so suddenly that her life was a trinket, a surreal ornamental charade. Her own design, labelled Muriel. It was in the way she walked, talked and in her manicured perspectives on all matters. She couldn’t remember if she had ever constructed a well thought out opinion on anything. All she ever did was go along with status quo and worse never even noticed.  She was caught in the static fabric of high society. Did she cling to it or it to her? She had no idea, it was all she’d ever known and as the rain lashed the windows of the top floor penthouse she felt somewhat sombre.

It was like the diamonds, emeralds and rubies that grew like jewelled warts on her fingers had lost their glint. They were ugly reminders of what she was… a mega rich snob who had never given a moment’s thought to anyone or anything that didn’t benefit her own interest in some way. She was the lazy darling of the social set, high flying dancing queen of all things vulgar wealth created.

Now as her husband slammed the door leaving her alone she felt her identity crumble. The burn of humiliation melting the make-up from her tightly pulled skin. Fear shuddered through her and she felt like…like she might even cry.

“No!” she yelled into the empty spaces. It was more a command than cry out in anguish.

Just as she had done all her life, Muriel responded the only way she knew how. Her sombre mood began to lift; she remembered the terms of the pre-nup, smiled and punched the number of her lawyer into her iphone. “He came with nothing and he’ll leave with nothing,” she said smiling, admiring her new acrylic nails as she waited. Muriel was also pleased to see that the glint had returned to her chunky jewelled warts.


13 thoughts on “Muriel’s Momentary Design Malfunction

  1. ..makes one wonder where exactly in her life she went astray…probably a gradual thing…you tell her story with vividness using the given words so well.

  2. So perfect. I felt something profound in the “No!” line, like a glimpse of fear. But you brought it back round and it was right that you did because that is the way, isn’t it? And such a shame too! Great piece. Effortlessly utilising the whole word bank, didn’t feel too contrived which says a lot when working with this kind of prompt.

    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment… I’m glad you had the glimpse of fear which is natural, still for her character she had to return to old Muriel…somethings I guess are ingrained. It is a shame! 🙂

  3. she has him right where she wants him at this point eh? smiles. the feeling of her identity crumbling with the slam of the door i found evocative…also the command not anguish in her voice….

  4. Loved your character – and this line powered through me and clung to my mind;
    She was caught in the static fabric of high society. Did she cling to it or it to her?

  5. I enjoyed seeing the way you wove the words into this shallow character, at least, that’s what she seems to see herself as … perhaps we see her as a tad more complex when she rings her lawyer 🙂 Nice write, Di.

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