The Bunyip Song

In dark waters of mossy murk

Is where it is said, the bunyip lurk

Silently waiting to go berserk

Don’t linger long

By that cold billabong

Where the paper barks lean

Into waters so mean

For a man will walk away, only a shell

And go on living, his own private hell

He’ll eat your soul

Gobble it whole

He has a dog face

Walrus tusks in place

Some say fur, or scales so coarse

And on his behind the tail of a horse

He slaps about on hideous flippers

Has a duck bill lined with nasty nippers

So beware when you camp by the cool billabong

To brew up your billy and sing an old song

For all you know it could be your last sip

If beneath those waters waits a bunyip


For dverse poetics creatures of mythology



16 thoughts on “The Bunyip Song

  1. fascinating…i went and looked up a bunyip as your description was rather fascinating…what an interesting tale behind the tale as well…you worte it very nicely …cool rhythm to this…kinda like an old story telling song you might sing to the children letting them know…bwhaha…smiles.

  2. Excellent, Dianne! This is really good! Never heard of a bunyip or a billabong, but the two, in this setting, made me think of Stephen King’s Billybumblers in the gunslinger series (awesome books, by the way!)

  3. this is great. Love that I didn’t know the Bunyip, always more fun when you have something to research. fun. Love the tone and style you chose here, really a fun read. thanks

  4. nice..this sounds actually like a song, and i was just picturing a traveling musician, wandering from village to village, telling the people that gather around him….cool

  5. …your descriptions intrigued me and so i’ve searched & oh my… that must have been completely scary to have an encounter with him deep down under water… ah, the ancients have lots of tales to silent a naughty child… really amazing how the theme today gives me chance to know the different folk tales / legends of other countries… a wonderful experience… smiles…

  6. Love this:) So much that I looked it up.
    Aboriginal legend tells how the Bunyip was created a man first of all but Biami, one of the wisest men created by Rainbow Serpent had him banished from the tribe after he had eaten his own totem animal. He has been taking his revenge since 🙂

  7. I’d never heard of this before! You intrigued me so much that, like many others, I looked up the source material to your lyric and discovered an amazing legend and history that definitely sent many children to shivering. Well done!

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