Knick Off…I Ain’t Playing!



It’s tempting to succumb

and let it have the power

to define me

to become a prisoner in its jail of illusions

let the devil

hold me down with nightmares

opt out and believe the lies

live in fear of the despair and anxiety

but I’ve beaten it off before

one episode at a time

as with all battles

the temptation is to go it alone

it can’t be done

it takes an army to beat a devil down


For dverse poetics: Temptation


14 thoughts on “Knick Off…I Ain’t Playing!

  1. true that on it taking an army…when we start to believe we can do it on our own we are already heading down a very bad path…and it would be easy to give in to temptation…but then nothing would ever be the same…

  2. it is so good to have people that stand by our side in the difficult times of our lives…and it’s good to go into these battles together…so very true

  3. Love this… I think of it as the devil, too. I especially like:

    to become a prisoner in its jail of illusions

  4. There’s two sides to every coin, so for sinners like me who don’t have an army to fight the devil, I have to say; A friend of the devil is a friend of mine, if I get home before daylight, just might get some sleep tonight! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at me! Great write Di, but maybe even sinners like me deserve forgiveness !

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