Despite it all…Life is



Wind dusts the feathers

Of an egret standing alone

Upright, stretched against life

He is the highlight against a growing world

A breath against the dead angst

Of a withering mangrove


Listening for the unheard screams

Of a promise lost at birth

He spies a fish floundering

Stretches forth with a steady stealth

Stabs at the water

And swallows


for dverse poets Volition & Velleity

The prompt did intrigue me though not sure if I’ve tackled it effectively with this one.


17 thoughts on “Despite it all…Life is

  1. nice…you really capture the scene in a rather striking manner…the grace and ferocity of nature…the life against the dead tree as well sets the stage nicely…this is life…

  2. A bundle of trust with an echo or dawning realization…
    sweet and sour with the latter getting the upper hand.
    So well done whatever the prompt.

  3. I think it’s a wonderful metaphor. I see the standing, listening egret as a symbol of velleity and then, when he catches the fish, he becomes the epitome of volition.

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