Crystal Ship of Tears


Beautiful photo by Leovi


“I didn’t mean to,” she cried

Puddling tears amidst the shards

A salty sea of sorrow spreading

Over the glass table top

Ice cream clouds bubbling

Above dessert foaming into troublesome waters

With the rising anger in her mother’s face

“the ice cream was too hard,” she said

Her bottom lip dropping…yet the image of her bowl

sliding across the table

crashing into others

falling apart on top of each other

her beautiful chaos drifting across still pain

scalloped sails catching the sounds

propelling the crystal ship through lamplight

dazzled her

“Beware the sharp edges,” her mother snapped

She was a storm sweeping the pieces to the precipice

“Wouldn’t you like to swim in Neapolitan ice cream?” she asked

and watched her mother melt into the mess

“Yes… yes…I would love to…

but sometimes… it’s just too hard.”


For dverse poetics...


12 thoughts on “Crystal Ship of Tears

  1. “Wouldn’t you like to swim in Neapolitan ice cream?” …heck…so much going on beneath the surface here… the things in life that we expect to be in a certain way to make things possible in a certain way…and what do we do if they aren’t…

  2. …aww… you did it again… i mean this was really good & has a clever flow that can make anyone ponder deep.. and hey..hey. you most often than not always made it in my fave list of takes via a prompt each week… & this one’s another addition… loved it… smiles…

  3. i am glad there is understanding….the dialogue def drives it for me….the opening bit with not meaning to…and seeing the anger…i felt the tension for the little one…accidents happen….and yes sometimes the ice cream is too hard…smiles.

  4. Oh, I can empathize. Sometimes the ice cream IS just too hard. And I like how you worked with that phrase throughout. I bet the child would LIKE to see the mother melt into the mess.

  5. Interesting dialogue between mother and child, against the backdrop of the mess ~

    But the child saw the beautiful chaos, dazzling her ~ Creative spin on the image ~

  6. Yum… I’d love to swim in Neapolitan ice cream (minus the stickiness). This was a delightful read, Di.

  7. “Wouldn’t you like to swim in Neapolitan ice cream?” she asked

    and watched her mother melt into the mess….so much said and yet unsaid..the child seeing the beauty despite the sadness that this moment has between them.

  8. The ending made me smile here. Quite a story packed into these stanzas. I’d love to swim in a strawberry sundae. Okay, now I WANT an once cream sundae haha. Loved this.

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